WP Backlink Machine Review

Creator: Ankur Shukla
Skill: All Levels
Product: WP Backlink Machine
Guarantee: 14-day money back guarantee
Launch Date: 2019-Mar-30
Niche: Plugin
Official website: backlinkmachine.com
Support: Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Front-End Price: $27
Recommend: Highly recommend!
Bonus: Huge Bonuses

WordPress plugin WP backlink machine

Do you run a WordPress website? If so, you want to get it as search engine optimised (SEO) as possible. Better SEO means more visitors, and more visitors means more opportunities to build your reputation and to profit. However, to do that, you need to make your website more visible in the eyes of the public. One of the most powerful ways to do that? Backlinks.

Aren’t backlinks hard to set-up, though? Does it not require a huge amount of effort and luck?
With the WordPress Backlink Machine, that is not the case!

What is the WP Backlink Machine?

As one of the most powerful WordPress plug-ins around, this has become a go-to choice for improving your website ranking. By automatically creating powerful backlinks for your website content, you can make it much easier to swell your reputation, and search engine placing, in the shortest space of time. It’s one of the main reasons why, for users of the Backlink Machine, website visibility and interest can skyrocket and shoot through the roof!

As you no doubt have found out for yourself, ranking a website without backlinks is tough. So, too, is creating backlinks all on your own. Sure, you could hire someone to do the job for you. But that’s more money that you are wasting. You could do it all on your own, but who has the countless hours needed to create solid, authentic backlinks?

Building up backlinks is slow, boring and very time consuming. It’s also extremely powerful!

Now, though, you don’t need to do it all on your own. You no longer need to choose between paying huge sums of money to outsource backlinking, to spend hours doing it yourself, or to go without the quality of backlinks that your website deserves.

This simple, easy to use application breaks down the whole process to make it simple.

Instead of spending your days talking to bloggers trying to get guest posts set up and to get backlinks put up, this does it all for you. You simply get to sit back and watch:

  1. • Your website get more and more links to it from various reputed locations.
  2. • An improvement in your number of visitors, interested parties and clicks.
  3. • Changes to how many people find your website relevant to their needs.
  4. • Backlinks get created with a simple 1-click installation that takes out the work.
  5. • Make use of a simple interface to get backlinks created in a matter of minutes.
  6. • Use a simple keyword selection tool to help rank those posts even higher.
  7. • Every website that you use improve in scope, scale and reputation easily.


With the WordPress Backlink Machine, you remove so much work from building a quality website today. Ranking becomes simpler, far less stressful and much more reliable. These are all essential parts of running a successful modern online enterprise.
For more help with the often frustrating process of backlinking, then, try out the WordPress Backlink Machine today!
There’s no better substitute to making your business grow online, so get started today!

Welcome to my WP Backlink Machine review here I will go over all the aspects of this WordPress plugin.

Looking to dominate the google rankings while you put your time and effort into what matters the most, Did I mention you can do this all in one click.

WordPress Backlink Machine Overview

This WordPress plugin allows you on complete auto pilot to build unlimited backlinks in a single click. Dominate your selected niche, Overpower your competition.

High authority backlinks are still one of the biggest ranking factors in googles algorithm, Therefore, getting them for your website or even a client’s website is vital

Add Backlinks Section

Here is how the WP Backlink machine looks at the WordPress Dashboard, As you can see there is 7 sections to choose from, I’ll go into them in more detail.

  1. The remaining backlinks to use and a quicking link to WP Backlink machine Members’ area.
  2. Enter the slug of the URL you want to automatically get backlinks from, for example, http://www.toplaunchreview.com/pixel-scout-review/ Pixel-scout-review in the slug here copy this part only.
  3. Enter the keyword/keywords you wish to be used as your anchor text
  4. Get keyword ideas pretty cool little button, doesn’t offer much benefit. At this point in publishing you should already have your keyword list ready to go, however, it can help find some hidden gems.
  5. Search keywords is an awesome feature, input your key and hit search keywords. This populates a tasty page of long tail keywords you can use.
  6. Number of backlinks you wish to be automatically created for your post.
  7. Here is where it gets tasty, pick the type of backlinks you would like to be created. I have been testing different ones myself, results below.
wp backlink machine platforms

I have used a handful of the available selections that wp backlink machine offers, here’s my results.

For this I posted 100 backlinks using the wp plugin to my article Pixel Scout Review

I used Wiki Article Backlinks for this demonstration

30 of the 100 links

Here are the links to the first 3 so you can dig about and get a feel for how powerful this WordPress plugin really is.

  1. Backlink 1
  2. Backlink 2
  3. Backlink 3

8. Niche category you would like to post to, never get irrelevant backlinks Again, full list from Automotive, forex, construction. You name it, it’s got it.

Wp Backlink Machine Posts Page

You can see from the image WP Backlink machine will give a detailed overview of your posts. Here you can review your SEO Score, My SEO score for Pixel Scout Is 100% but my Readability needs little more focusing, Hay, I’m not a million miles off little tweaking here and there.

Here you can create backlinks for certain posts, Edit the post and view it. The post page also lists a few of the high impact SEO factors and explanations.

WP Backlink machine
Wp Backlink Machine post page

WP Backlink Machine Log Page

wp backlink machine log page
  1. The URL of the post/ page where backlinks will point to
  2. Keywords wp backlink machine will use as anchor text for your backlinks
  3. Number of backlinks created
  4. Date and time backlink request submitted
  5. type of backlinks requested
  6. Status, see if the backlinks are completed or not
  7. Report of the backlinks. (See Image below)
WP Backlink machine Report page

Here is the web page you will be taken to when you click report.

You can download the full report or index the backlinks (Recommended)

Integrated internal Links page

Integrated internal Links page

Internal links are massive part of SEO, I recommend if you don’t use them already, For better ranks you really need to start. WPBM as this feature built into the plugin and you can set it to work automatically.WPBM as this feature built into the plugin and you can set it to work automatically.

  • Keyword, Enter the keyword to use for internal links, When the plugin detects the word/s in any of your new posts it will instantly create a backlink.
  • The URL where the internal link will point to.
  • number of internal links to be created per article, I recommend between 4 and 6.
Wp Backlink Machine Rank Checker
WP Backlink Machine Rank Checker

This little beauty let you on the fly check the Search Engine Results Page, SERPs, for your targeted keyword.

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