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Established in 2013 as the first cloud mining provider, CEX.IO has become a multi-functional cryptocurrency exchange, trusted by over a million users.

CEX.IO offers cross-platform trading via website, mobile app, WebSocket and REST API, providing access to high liquidity orderbook for top currency pairs on the market. Instant Bitcoin buying and selling is available via simplified bundle interface.

The exchange has developed a multi-level account system with individual approach to each customer, from Bitcoin beginners to institutional traders. Worldwide coverage, multiple payment options, and 24/7 support are accompanied by time-proven platform stability that guarantees safety of assets and data.


Company Name: CEX.IO LTD

Headquarters: London, UK

Official Website: https://cex.io/

Established in: 2013


Payment Methods Accepted

Payment Method Funds Available Currencies Fees
Credit Card 1-2 days USD 3.5% + $0.25
Credit Card 1-2 days EUR 3.5% + € 0.20
Credit Card 1-2 days RUB 5.25% + 15.57 RUB
Bank Transfer Varies USD $10.00
Bank Transfer Varies EUR €10.00
Bank Transfer Varies RUB N/A

CEX.IO also offers users the ability to sell bitcoins to credit or debit cards. The fees for this are as follows:

  • 2.9% + $4.99 for USD
  • 2.9% + €4.99 for EUR
  • 2.9% + 499 RUB for RUB
  • Bank transfers are not charged fees by CEX.io, but your bank may charge conversion fees on your deposit.

CEX.io Compared

Credit card is the most popular payment method on CEX.io. This table compares CEX to other popular credit card exchanges.

Logo Exchange Fees Support Countries Buy
coinbase Coinbase 3.50% USA, Europe, Canada Buy Bitcoin
coinmama Coinmama 5% Global Buy Bitcoin
bitpanda BitPanda 4% Europe Buy Bitcoin
cex.io CEXIO 3.5% Global Buy Bitcoin


3% Global Buy Bitcoin


0.5% Global Buy Bitcoin

How to link a credit card on CEX.IO

User Interface

The interface for CEX.IO is extremely simple and straightforward. You already know how Buy/Sell works. The trading interface is just as clear-cut. Across the top, you will find the different pairs. Select one, and scroll down to take a look at a chart of the pair’s recent performance.

If you click on the “Chart” button, this gives you a chart in a separate window which is more detailed and which allows you to draw trend lines and indicators.

Returning to the platform, you can view market depth below the simple chart. Scroll past that and you can select Limit, Market, or Margin trading. The trading tickets are right below those tabs. Underneath those, you can view Buy and Sell Orders, Active Orders, and your Trade History.

If you have any background with Forex, all of this will be incredibly easy for you to pick up. If you do not, you should still find it pretty intuitive, and there are plenty of comprehensive articles on the CEX.IO website to help you learn the ropes. There is a mobile app available if you want to trade on the go.

Buying Bitcoin & Ethereum on CEX

Once you are done loading funds to your account, click on Buy/Sell at the top to start buying Bitcoin or Ethereum.

You might notice the price of Bitcoin to be higher than the current price on other exchanges. This is because CEX takes a 7% fee for its service. Personally, I find this to be quite high, but at times (in desperate situations), it’s ok.

Here is how the buy/sell interface of CEX looks:

Bitcoin Crypto Exchange CEX IO

You can switch from BTC/ETH on the same panel.

You can either buy bitcoins based on a fixed price (100, 200, 500, 1000) or you can add your custom price as shown in the above screen.

Click on Buy and confirm the transaction. Your bitcoins will be credited to your CEX.io wallet immediately.

If it’s a considerable amount, I would suggest moving those bitcoins to a secure hardware wallet like the Ledger Nano S. If it’s a small amount, then you can move it to a hot wallet like MyCelium or Jaxx.

Buy Bitcoin

Account Types

Four Different Account Types:

The exchange has four different types of user accounts. Your account type depends on how much you have verified, and the buying limit will increase accordingly. Here you can open an account at the CEX.io Exchange.

  • Basic: The most basic account that doesn’t require verification of any personal information. With the basic level account, you can buy bitcoin up to $300 per day and up to $1,000 per month. This account does not work with bank transfer.
  • Verified: Once you have submitted your personal information and verified, you will receive a verified account. With this account, you can buy bitcoin up to $10,000 per day and up to $ 100,000 per month. This account works with both credit/debit cards and bank transfer.
  • Verified Plus: If you have a verified account, you can apply for “Verified Plus”. This means that you receive priority customer support and can trade cryptocurrency without any limits on the exchange.
  • Corporate: There is also a company account without buying limits. Corporate accounts can also get custom terms for trading at the CEX.io Exchange

CEX.IO offers 1:3 in leverage. While this may sound like nothing to experienced forex traders, as brokers for the traditional currency markets offer ratios exceeding 1:500, we must note cryptocurrencies tend to be a lot more volatile. If, EUR/USD rarely experiences a daily move more substantial than 1.5-2%, digital assets can lose or gain 5-20% in value, without any major news events occurring. That being said, trading bitcoin on margin can be very risky.

Legal and Security

Stability is of the highest priority for CEX.IO. We give all efforts to provide trouble-free services backed by system and user account security, safe cold cryptocurrency storage, financial viability, and profound legal compliance.

Throughout the history of our company, none of our users ever experienced account funds theft, and practical support of such reputation is an affair of honour for us.

Withdrawal Process

How Can You Withdraw From CEX.IO?

If you have a Basic account, you can buy and sell bitcoins with a daily withdrawal limit of $500, or a monthly withdrawal limit of $2,000.

If you verify your account, you can boost those limits significantly. The daily withdrawal limit becomes $10,000 and the monthly withdrawal limit becomes $100,000.

That being said, each of the payment and withdrawal methods offered by CEX.IO has different limitations, which you should view here.



Correspondence address: 2nd Floor, 1-5 Clerkenwell Road, London, EC1M 5PA, United Kingdom

Local office address: Level39, One Canada Square, London, E14 5AB, United Kingdom

Email for account-related issues and cardholder correspondence: support@cex.io

Conclusion – Is CEX.io a Good choice?

Until today I have used CEX.io several times and haven’t had any issues. I think it’s a solid exchange, with the only downside being the 3% fee they charge for buying Bitcoins. In the past year or so the exchange has leap frogged froward and has become on of the leading Bitcoin brokers around. The user interface is very intuitive and even complete newbies will manage to buy Bitcoins with it. As long as you are aware of the fees and the verification process needed to buy more substantial amounts of Bitcoin you’re good to go.

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