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Daweda Exchange ATS Review : Is Daweda Exchange a Scam ? Read this very important Daweda Exchange Review covering the Pro’s and Con’s of Daweda ATS. This Autotrader is quite different from other platforms we have reviewed here. This is because they are not actually brokers, rather, it is an exchange platform. You need to know that when you are trading through brokers that you are trading against the house. It is a battle between the trader and the broker. Because of this, brokers would not allow you to win, or when you win, you would not be allowed to win most of the times or to win with a large margin. It is a problem like this that makes US government to disallow such brokers from being used in their land.

US regulators have allowed Nadex as the only platform for the trading of the binary options market. Nadex is available in other parts of the world. You can equate Daweda Exchange with Nadex and is one of the scam free system, the only difference is that Daweda Review website is regulated in Europe and some other countries outside Europe. They are binary exchange platform and not brokers. When you trade with Daweda broker, you are free because you no longer need to worry whether your broker would allow you to withdraw your earnings or not. This platform makes for fair and transparent method of trading the binary options market.

Daweda Exchange Review

Reasons to use Daweda Exchange ATS

Traders who decide to trade binary options with Daweda Exchange ATS can expect a great level of control and flexible trading. First and foremost, traders have to customize trading preferences and features available. Daweda ATS will then create orders and add them to the trading platform. It’s simple as that.

Daweda Exchange ATS review noted how many other binary trading robots are requiring registration and depositing with 3rd party brokers, but in this case, such thing is not necessary. Daweda ATS is connected directly to Daweda exchange and all trading takes place on the same platform. This allows more transparent trading without complications.

Daweda ATS is promising extremely high success rate – 100%. This is very uncommon among binary options brokers or auto trading software providers. Daweda ATS review showed how traders are placing trades against each other while Daweda only delivers the platform for trading. This service is charged with $0.50 on every trade made.

Daweda ATS Regulation

Daweda Exchange ATS is regulated by CySEC with the license number 289/16. This gives traders additional guarantee how this is a reliable binary options exchange. Daweda ATS is not a scam, but a decent  broker that delivers what it promises. Traders can sit, relax and enjoy trading with Daweda automatic trading software.

Daweda ATS review showed that software can be used by both experienced and inexperienced traders. Beginners may achieve much higher success rate, while advanced users can gain more control over the trading results and place multiple trades at once. Also, the trading is much faster, which means that there is the possibility for more successful trades to be generated.

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How to use Daweda ATS & Benefits of Trading With Daweda Exchange Platform

Daweda Exchange ATS Review


The Daweda ATS offers trades in contracts which are in fixed value. A trade order is executed on the Daweda Exchange review website when you select the number of contracts and entry price of those contracts. This can be done on the Order Slip section of the platform. All orders will go to the order book, and once they are matched with those of a counter-party (other traders), they will be executed immediately. The status bar helps you monitor the progress of your trades. But there are times when trade orders will not be filled. In this case, your order will remain in the order book until the next suitable counter-party who can match your order is available.

The exact steps of using Daweda ATS platform when placing a trade are as follows:

Pick your favorite asset or currency pair. For instance, you can choose EURUSD or GBPJPY currency pairs. This would be your base asset. The next critical step is to select the number of contracts which you want to buy or sell. Since one contract is worth $10, it means one contract will cost you $10. 5 contracts will cost you $50 and so on. Then choose the direction which you think the asset will move. You can either Buy or Sell assets depending on your prediction. Confirm your option and hedge the contract if this choice is available for that particular trade. Finally, wait for it to expire depending on the set duration.

By choosing to trade with Daweda Exchange Software, you are entitled to receive the following benefits:

(a) Fair Trading

The Daweda Exchange review system embraces fair trading by not manipulating your trades or placing you in a situation where conflict of interests is likely to arise. As a trader who uses Daweda Exchange binary platform, you will only trade against other clients. The smarter you are, the more profitable your activities at Daweda Exchange system will be.

(b) Transparent Daweda ATS Trading Platform

The Daweda Order Book on this platform was meant to facilitate transparency when trading at Daweda Exchange. It lets you see what other counter-parties are doing so you can take the necessary steps. The order book serves you with full pre-trade data which would then be useful in helping you determine which price to enter a trade at.

(c) You Can Set Your Own Price Level In The Daweda Exchange Order Book

Giving traders total freedom is what Daweda Exchange ATS is aiming at. Because of this, every participating trader can set their own price level using this feature. You basically dictate which price you want to enter a trade at without interference from Daweda Exchange.

(d) Affordability

Traders only pay a small fee when buying or selling contracts. Apart from that, Daweda Exchange ATS review software doesn’t charge other fees related to your trading. No swap and no settlement fees whatsoever. This makes Daweda Exchange the most affordable and scam free platform for trading contracts.

(d) Other benefits

The Daweda review platform offers 24/7 trading, meaning you can make money even during the weekend. Since Daweda ATS is giving 100% payout, you can expect to double your winning positions instantly. And with contract size set at $10 (although this can be adjusted upwards), you can be sure to make money in a safe and trader-friendly environment.

Push Money App Get StartedBottom Line

The bottom line is that just throwing a bunch of random settings onto the Daweda Exchange ATS and setting it loose is not the way to long-term profitability. It may work in the short-run by sheer luck, but over time, it’s bound to backfire.

There are scores of traders out there who use the Daweda Exchange ATS profitably, and they all take the above detailed guidelines into consideration. They also tweak their ATS continuously, based on the fundamental and technical analysis that they do. At the end of the day, one has to develop a sort of feel for the ATS and the way it goes about its trading. The hands-on aspects of trading strategy go out the window here, replaced by a sort of macro-game, which has the trader issuing general guidelines instead of point-specific trading orders. The Orderbook feature, which keeps an eye on the evolution of the market and which can be accessed through a pro account, can also be rather helpful.

You always have to bear in mind that Daweda-style, exchange-based trading is a zero-sum game. The money that you win is lost by another trader. What this means is that you have to actually outsmart your peers and to stay ahead of the pack. To that end, simply letting the Daweda ATS go about its business won’t suffice. Your peers also have access to it. You need to be able to pair the right sort of strategy with the right type of underlying asset based on analysis, while managing your money wisely too.

If you’re looking for a real binary options auto trader, you should definitely check out Daweda.com. Forget about all those scam auto traders that appear day in, day out with the sole purpose of signing you up with fraudulent, non-regulated brokers in order to rip you off your hard earned cash. Go with the Daweda Exchange ATS, a trustworthy system that works on an EU-regulated exchange.


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