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Epix Trader is one of the newest auto-traders on the market. Mark Evans and Tina D’Angelo are the founders of this software. After release, Epix Trader Software is catching tons of attraction from day-traders worldwide. But can you trust this Epix Trader Software? Before you put your money at risk, we urge you to read our unbiased Epix Trader Scam Review to learn more about the risks and rewards that can occur by signing up with this new online trading software.

Before writing this review, We have personally tested Epix Trader Software. Now we know, this auto trader is not just a regular piece of software, as we will be revealing in a few moments its exact ITM performance, winning ratio and results based on real sessions. Therefore, if you are a beginner trader, expert and even an online investor who seeks for a legitimate financial automated tool to trade with on your daily basis, you are more than welcome to keep reading our fully transparent Epix Trader Scam Review and to find out whether the Epix Trader App is a SCAM or NOT.


Soft Name: Epix Trader
Developer: Mark Evans and Tina D’Angelo
Signal Strength: 78-89.7% ITM
Auto-Trading: Semi Auto-Trading Software and Its Bug Free
Installation: For Binary Options, No Download/Installation is Necessary. For Forex you have to download Meta Trader 4, since the Forex part is running through this platform.
Support: Personal Profit Consultant & Amazing Support Both are Available 24/7 by Email
Cross-Platform Use: For All Devices – Android, Windows, Linux, Mac and Chromebook
Withdrawals: Easy 2-3 Business Day Withdrawals Directly Via Broker Or Bank as Per Country Trading Rules
Availability: Everyone, Everywhere (except USA, Canada, Belgium, France, Israel & few countries in Africa and Asia)
Price: Free


Epix Trader Biz For Binary Epix Trader Co For ForexSo why are there two different websites? The epix-trader.biz website are for traders who are interested in trading binary options while the epix-trader.co website are for those investors who would like to use synced Forex brokers. So ultimately it comes down to which style of investing you would prefer the auto trader to invest on your behalf. We have not tried either the binary options or Forex style of investing so whether or not one of these two styles of trading have an advantage over one another is still not clear.

What is the Epix Trader Software?

The Epix Trader software is one of the best Forex trading solution we’ve come across. Supporting a user-base consisting of over 26,000 active day-traders, this is one of the largest and most transparent investment software for online trading. Synced with some of the most trusted Forex brokers in the industry, traders who get started with this software can rest-assured knowing their personal information and finances are kept in safe hands. Compared to most systems that are comprised of customized technical indicators, the Epix Trader functionality is based upon proven investment principles and 5 different trading algorithms that work in tangent with one another.

Why We Like Epix Trader

Epix Trading Platform Review

Epix Trader Biz For Binary Epix Trader Co For ForexThere are a few different reasons why we like Epix Trader as much as we do, and it is not only because of its profitability. There are a great number of factors which we must take into account when evaluating any Forex trading software, all of which contribute to one amazing trading tool. Here are some of the most important things for you to know about this program.

  • Easy To Use – We really like the fact that Epix Trader is extremely easy to use. It comes with all of the tools and advice you need to be a successful Forex trader even if you have never traded before.
  • Legit Brokers – Another thing that impresses us about this Forex trader is that it lets us choose between a variety of great brokers. All of the brokers used by this software are fully licensed and regulated, legitimate, and very reliable.
  • Profitable – With daily profits between $450 and $800, and ITM rates averaging 77%, you really can’t go wrong.
  • Real People – The fact that the owners, Mark and Tina, both have certifiable accreditations from well-known schools, plus that they are actual people, really helps to cement this as a reliable program. This husband and wife team worked hard to get where they’re at, and that is alright with us!

How to Get Started with TheEpixTraderApp?

One has got to be quick to secure one of the free available spots from the last Beta-testing round. He can do so by filling out a short registration form and then clicking on the link applied in the confirmation mail.

Users will be re-directed towards a trusted broker’s page and will have to make an initial investment of $200. This sum is utilized for trading purposes only and can be withdrawn at any given moment. Plus, The Epix Trader App operates only with genuine and legit Forex brokerage platforms.

In short, one can get started for free with Epix Trader by completing these simple steps:

1. Free Sign Up

2. Make Initial Investment

3. Trade & Profit

Is Epix Trader A Scam? Conclusion

No Epix Trader is not a scam  In fact, on the contrary, it is a very useful tool for your trading kit.  If you are looking at trading profitably with a legitimate signal software, then you cannot do without the Epix Trading App.

Epix Trader Biz For Binary Epix Trader Co For Forex

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