HashFlare Review Offers Top-Notch Cloud Mining Services

After initially offering hosted mining contracts toward the end of 2014, HashCoins officially launched HashFlare – their cloud mining service – on April 23, 2015. HashFlare offers cloud mining for both Bitcoin and altcoins. For SHA-256 Bitcoin mining, they use a non-stock version of their Apollo miner. For Scrypt mining, HashFlare Cloud Mining utilizes their Ares miner. All hardware used in their 2 Megawatt data center is provided by parent company HashCoins. HashCoins is based in Talinn, Estonia, and was founded in 2013 by Sergei Potapenko.

As of June 30, 2015, HashFlare boasts over 10,000 customers using their cloud mining services, generating a hash rate over 1 PH/S.

HashFlare Cloud Mining

How does Hashflare Cloud Mining work

According to the website, Hashflare is considered to be a safe and easy option for purchasing hash power without the need for dealing with complicated software and hardware set up. Hashflare is known to specialize in developing the most reliable and effective mining rights which are provided to the clients for rent.

All you require doing is setting up the account with them with an eye to starting cloud mining. As you complete signing up, you need to fund the account via credit card, Bitcoin, wire transfer, Payeer and select the mining plan which is best for you.


Newbies can begin with 100 GH/s of gold. The mining contract for Bitcoin comes at a price of $22 for a year. This is beneficial in understanding the working of cloud mining and the chances of profits. In case you think it is not enough, you can also take the 1 TH/s Bitcoin mining contract into consideration which can be availed at a price of $220. The diamond Bitcoin mining contract happens to be the third and largest one which is available at a rate of $1600.


Value for Money

Some of HashFlare’s cloud mining contracts like Ethereum are the best value in the market. In addition to its existing reputation, HashFlare values transparency of its operations. Details about the company’s data centers and their features are made available on its website. It takes transparency to the next level by allowing its customers to connect to the pools of their choice. In addition, all users are provided access to real-time mining data on their respective dashboards. The platform doesn’t have any hidden fees or commissions included into its pricing structure.

The pricing structure for HashFlare’s Bitcoin and Ethereum cloud mining contracts are as follows:


Cryptocurrency Package coin Minimum Hashrate Price Maintenance Fee/day Contract Duration
Scrypt Algorithm Scrypt Cloud Mining Litecoin 1 MH/s $7.50 per MH/s $0.005 per MH/s 1 Year
SHA-256 Algorithm SHA-256 Cloud Mining Bitcoin 10 GH/s $2.20 per 10 GH/s $0.0035 per 10 GH/s 1 Year
ETHASH Algorithm Ethereum Cloud Mining Ethereum 100 KH/s $2.20 per 100 KH/s none 1 Year
EQUIHASH Algorithm ZCash Cloud Mining ZCash 1 H/s $2.00 per 1 H/s none 1 Year
X11 Algorithm DASH Cloud Mining DASH 1 MH/s $3.20 per 1 MH/s none 1 Year

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Hashflare Withdrawals

Basically Hashflare has increased this price as already stated.

The maintenance fee has stayed the same.

Just one thing about the BTC payout. They say on their website instant withdrawal. Now currently they’re only allowing withdrawals of 0.05 bitcoin and above.

So depending on how much you put in. It may take you a few days or a week or more to take some of that money out.

This has nothing to do with Hashflare. This has something to do with there are so many unconfirmed transactions on the blockchain.

Last time I checked there were over 105K of these. It’s actually gotten better. Last time I checked it was well over 125K unconfirmed.

Unconfirmed Transactions

open an accountRe-invest

Hashflare offers the reinvest option. This is cool, because you can just keep compounding your hashrate until you reach a level you are happy with. This is nice because it just automates the process.

Re-invest Hashflare

Are you already mining with Hashflare?

If not then go and check it out! and click in button bellow to start mining now

Dashboard Rating

HashFlare also has a very awesome cloud mining interface to work on. On behalf of usability, I guess they offered to be one-third of the overall cloud mining companies with their features and stuffs.

The payments withdrawal also is very smooth and it has a two-way confirmation process of authentication that will be sent thru email. Their dashboard interface shows a graphical representation of balances, revenue per day / TH, earnings overtime and mining pool allocation.

All information were tabulated in an orderly manner. HashFlare’s advantage is the pool allocation of mining where users can choose or select pool that other companies don’t have.

HashFlare Referral and Signup Bonus

HashFlare Cloud Mining offers a referral bonus of 10%, which is on par with the highest referral rates from any cloud mining company!  The don’t offer any kind of signup bonus, but they do offer specials from time to time, as mentioned above.  Overall they HashFlare receives a solid grade for their generous referral bonus!


In my opinion, Hashflare is better than Genesis. This is not a biased opinion as I have money invested in both. One advantadge I didn’t include was the estimates, this is as they easily change. I think that HashFlare Cloud Mining offers a better, easier service and user experience and I’m currently investing all of my online earnings into both Hashflare and Genesis Mining. I would recommend for you to invest in Hashflare however be catious as with any investment comes risk so be prepared for the worst case scenario and don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

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