Lie Detector Millionaire is a SCAM!!! Real Review!

Lie Detector Millionaire is a dangerous SCAM, responsible for $1000’s of dollars in losses! In this review we will uncover the truth behind and the lies you’ve been spoon-fed by the alleged Daniel Wilkins & Trades X’s, who in reality are are the lowest of all actors. Prior to the release of this review we gathered solid evidence to support our conclusion versus the many claims and promises that are backed by absolutely nothing.

First you should know that there’s nothing rational about a claim that any binary options software can generate you close to half a million dollars a month or $498,561, based on what they’re trying to sell you on the Lie Detector Millionaire pitch page. No one is going to hand you $6,000,000 a year in profits, without a fee or a cut from it, and this Daniel Wilkins wants you to believe that he is giving it to you absolutely free of charge. The Lie Detector Millionaire Software has all the elements of the common scam. They only have 50 available spots and an annoying pop-up that keeps reminding you that there are only a couple of VIP spots left.

Lie Detector Millionaire Proof SCAM

Now let go to big mistake and I think he didn’t notice him where he appears in his account that he started with $250, that good.

Lie Detector Millionaire Scam

After few minuet Back to say has 12,805.00 juts 16 trade what this, We arithmetic and suppose that he had 250 per trade and it won 80% of all the trading process.

 $250+80%=$200 Profit each Trade

This means Profit x Number of trade

$200 x 16 = 3200$ + $250 balance = $3450 !!!!!

Lie Detector Millionaire Scam

Yes Even if we assume all trade success it will win $3450 only and i can’t recommend the lie detector millionaire to any of the toplaunchreview Readers. This website comes across like a total marketing gimmick and I’ve no faith that Daniel Wilkins suddenly turned a corner in his life. I’m not going to trust someone who made a living scamming people because he said so himself he has no real skills.

Lie Detector Millionaire Conclusion!

The LDM system A.K.A Lie Detector Millionaire is just one more scam service to our blacklist page! Be sure to understand that a service that aims to catch you by promising you to earn $7000-$28,000 per day is a complete piece of junk that will steal your money! As we mentioned earlier, in the binary options industry you have great automated services to trade with and to make a reputable living! Visit our Best Day Trading Software page and rest assure to trade in a safe place without fake promises of becoming a millionaire tomorrow morning or to own your own yacht next month.

Top Launch Review verdict: Lie Detector Millionaire is a 100% SCAM!!!


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