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Latest Review : Is Swarm Intelligence A Scam ? This unbiased Swarm Intelligence review have covered the positives of thus newest binary Autotrader. It is always an exciting discovery when you land on software that is not a scam and seems promising. The Swarm Intelligence system so far seems to fit that description. We have had the opportunity to test it for some time and the results are quite promising. If you are looking for a reliable binary options trading software then you must read this Swarm Intelligence review to know more about this new software that is promising to be a game changer in the binary options world.

First of all, you should know a bit about its background. It is the brainchild of Dr. Steven Francis who is a specialist in the swarm behavior of ants and bees and that was the inspiration behind Swarm Intelligence review system. Dr. Steven studied the way bees make decisions as a unit and transferred that to the betting field where people were able to make huge wins by coming up with collective bets. Dr. Steven Francis then linked up with Thomas Porter, a software developer who did most of the technical stuff to ensure the development of one of the most successful binary options trading software.

Swarm Intelligence OverviewSwarm Intelligence Review

Product Name:Swarm Intelligence
Niche: Binary Options
website : http://SwarmIntelligences.co
Creator: Dr. Steven Francis
Release date : 12/05/2016
Delivery amount : fast Delivery


open an accountAlgorithm is Powered by Swarm Intelligence 

The Swarm Intelligennce and machine learning capabilities make this software a performer in the sense that it will learn everything on its own as time goes by. This kind of algorithm assures that the Swarm Intelligence system will make itself better over time, thus significantly increasing its win rate as time goes by.

The thing with Swarm Intelligence review system is that it makes the right decision after analyzing the collective behavior of a group. In this case a super computer will tell you to place the trades after analyzing the behavior of ten connected computers. This is the best algorithm you can ever rely on in a market where uncertainty is very high. And the best thing is that this feature of Swarm-intelligence Software never stops working for as long as you engage the auto function feature.

How Does It Work?

The software is a semi-automated trading robot. It selects the trades for you and before it executes the trade you have to approve it. There is also a fully automated mode and you can simply “fire and forget” by selecting the auto-trade option. There are some unique features which is a money management calculator and a swarm level selector. Both of which are used for risk and money management purposes. We tested both of these features and they are all very easy to grasp and operate. We did however notice that the buy now and sell now buttons can be a bit confusing since it is customary to name them call and put buttons, but that is not something which troubles us.


swarm intelligence Work

Usability: The user interface “UX” is very intuitive and user-friendly. We found it easy to use and very simple to understand.

Transparency: The brokers are clearly presented to you and you can choose to switch any time just by asking the staff.

Flexibility: You can choose the level of exposure and risk you wish to take.

Accuracy Levels: around 83% is what we achieved and we cashed out promptly.

Customer Service: Impeccable, they even offered us a job but we politely refused.

Open Demo AccountWhy To Use Swarm Intelligence?

The Swarm Intelligence software is a very useful tool for trading in binary options. The software is so user-friendly and easy to use that even the ones with a little knowledge or no knowledge at all, can use the software without any problem. Also, it enhances the whole of trading experience in a lot better way. So, I would definitely say “yes” to this software for sure.

Swarm Intelligence Upgraded Options:

Swarm Intelligence software has come up with the upgraded features and skills to manage two accounts. So, having two account means you are prolonging to get two brokers in your favor who will guide you in the entire trade. Similarly, for getting the best results and profits you have to manage both the accounts by depositing money into both the accounts. Is it not an amazing feature that Swarm Intelligence has developed with, to give the best trading results to its members? So, this software is built with some good and unique features, which is rare in other binary trading softwares.

The Swarm Intelligence Is Positively Reviewed & Voted By Members 

This is another advantage you can derive from the robot. The robot is easy to use and even beginner traders are not going to find it difficult to use the robot. The Swarm Intelligence review system is fully automated and at that, you still have full control of this Swarm Intelligence scam free system. This means that it is flexible to use and this is a good thing.

The most important benefit that anybody can get from the robot is the fact that the robot works. You can trade with confidence knowing that it is going to make money for you.

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Swarm intelligence Technology Results concluded:

From the early beta testers of the system Steven has told us that the ITM of the signals from Swarm Tech have been hitting 83% and from everyone I have talked to this is about right with most people hitting about the 80%. I have already created my own account and I will be reporting back with all my own Swarm intelligence results which will be posted in future videos on my channel and I will also pass them on to the watchdog. It is a very simple system to use but I will also record a video showing you the back office and exactly how I will be trading going forward with this system.

From everything I have seen with this trading system and everyone I have talked to I do believe that this system has the potential to change the way we all trade and can be highly profitable for everyone that use it.

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