TrianaSoft is a SCAM! Real Review With Proof

The TrianaSoft App is a dangerous SCAM, Wedmore and David Campbell, TrianaSoft is a SCAM! This review will most definitely save you time, who in reality are are the cheapest of all actors. Prior to the release of this review we gathered strong proof to help our conclusion versus the numerous claims and promises that are backed by absolutely nothing.

TrianaSoft Info

Name of the Product: FTrianaSoft
Product Owner: Wedmore and David Campbell
Niche: Binary Options
Official website:
Editors’ Score: 0.00 Stars
Price: Free


TrianaSoft is a SCAM

Apart from that, Michael Wedmore was saying that he already has a group of 25 beta

testers who use the system and also generate thousands and thousands of usd month after month on complete auto pilot mode. However, In order to be 100% sure that the TrianaSoft App are doing fine perfectly in all markets’ situations and volatilities he opens up 25 new spots for the second group of beta testers to trade and test the system for free of charge. Having said that, he claimed that when he reach the fifty beta testers in total with both groups he will officially release the software onto the financial market so the monthly subscription for access to the auto trader will be priced at $10,000! We reckon that even though their promises of charging $10k each month of subscription, the TrianaSoft program will remain a free auto-trading system even in a year from now. Or please remember we have said that as a evidence.

triana soft scam

Moreover, when we entered for the first time to the TrianaSoft App website at we have been encountered with many familiar faces from some other scam web sites that we have already blacklisted in the business. Therefore, we have decided to verify our suspicions by simply checking those alleged “recent member’s profits” pictures on Google images. The results were immediate as you can see at the photos below the paragraph, stolen pictures or fake identities that are not associated with any TrianaSoft software or any other auto trading system in the binary options market. So, do you still think that you will be making money with this piece of crap?

triana soft4

TrianaSoft is a SCAM
After we couldn’t confirm that this fake App is an actual registered business and exposed a few of the several lies, we decided to see if Michael Wedmore and David Campbell are true guys so naturally we looked them up on LinkedIn, Facebook or twitter and Google but the names never matched any one of the many pictures we found and we are not shocked for a minute. You might find their names mentioned on fake review sites that are clearly promoting TrianaSoft App, however anywhere else you’ll run out of luck because they are simply just clever and conning actors, paid to lie on camera and sell you dreams, final work TrianaSoft is a SCAM…
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