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Hey guys, its Dennis here and I’m back with another scam review for you today regarding a new system commonly referred to as the “Facebook” of Online Trading. So can you trust the United Trading Network software for binary options? This has been the question on most traders mind no doubt since the release of this new and intuitive social trading software that is receiving a large amount of buzz in the online investment community lately. To answer this question with certainty though, the United Trading Network is indeed a legitimate and proven online trading software for online day-traders!

United Trading Network Info

Product Name: United Trading Network
Product Site: Click Here
Developer Name : Adam Fletcher, Jaleel Beshir, Matt Kirby, Lydia Williamson, Jack Kubis
United Trading Reviewed by: Dennis Weiss
Rating: 9.9/10
Earnings/day: Depends on Trade

United Trading Review : Important Features Explained !!

United Trading Network

United Trading NetworkThe prize money for winning the symposium was re-invested for improving the software, along with adding some helpful features you’ll find quite useful. Keep in mind United Trading Network is primarily an Autotrader, but also provides Semi-Auto trading & Manual signals for catering all types of trader preferences.

For the first time EVER, users will also be able to vote & record your opinion on potential trades. But its also important to never neglect the basics, which is why the creators have also implemented the following for keeping everything Simple & User-Friendly:

  1. Educational Tools: How-To Tutorial for using the software effectively. Discover little secrets & Avoid any costly mistakes.
  2. Trading Rooms Tab: Conveniently navigate between different trading methods of your choice.
  3. Social Trader: Vote your relevant opinions regarding certain trading positions for the entire Network.
  4. News Tab: Stay updated with current global financial news releases without leaving the social platform.

What is United Trading Network Software

The  UTN is a social network that is composed of a team of students who are majoring in the study of Foreign Exchange Trading science.  Together they have created the equivalent of a “Forex Facebook”.  The success and growth started after a group of team members entered their “prototype” of significant trading signals to an International Business Competition for Millenials.

Not only did the team win the prestigious title of International Investment and Entrepreneurial Symposium, but they also snatched the prize of $100,000.

The team is very aptly described as the “Investing Dream Team” by Professor Anthony Grecko – who is the mentor behind the group.

United Trading Network – or U.T.N as it is also known is a social trading team that have automated their signals by combining analysis and social trading.

How does the system work?

Not all traders can vote on trades, the system only identifies the most successful traders from the social community and gives them the rights to vote through a green voting button to trade and give their input into signals on the platform. The system then gives signals to everyone based on the inbuilt strategies from Jaleel, Matt and Adam and then combines these with trader centement from the voting to give the end user highly profitable signals / trades.

Meet the team behind the high performing model of the United Trading Software:

United Trading Network Team

Open Demo AccountAdam Fletcher : – The UTN’s Project Manager. Adam is the campus expert in technical analysis.  He is finishing his degree in forex trading, and is acknowledge to be one of the top trading strategist in his field.

Jaleel Beshir : – The Second Project Manager introduced in the United Trading Network team, is an expert in Fundamental analysis.  Together with Adam Fletcher, they were the founding members of the United Trading Software.

Matt Kirby : – An Investment Banking expert with a panache for trading commodities – a very specialised aspect of trading, often neglected by forex trading, and a coveted niche market.

Lydia Williamson : – A trader herself but by her own admission, is more specialised in statistics and computer programming.

Jack Kubis : – The Campus Investment Club President.  Jack is the moderator for the international trading contest and organiser of several trading competitions with other organisations.

United Trading Network Software Platform!

Still wondering whether is United Trading Network a SCAM? Well, based on our test results and what we’re observing it is definite NO BS! When we look into the semi automatic signal recommendations, it covers from short term to long term trading. It is easy to execute the trades as the platform will automatically handles which expiry time depending on their recommendation. Please also note this platform allows users to specific their preference on Long Term, Mid Range or Short Term Expiry. As well as preferred asset types like commodities, forex, stocks and indices. This gives users a complete freedom in choosing what types of money making trades they would like to take.

Next, the social trading room will require users to build up to a 90% accuracy before being able to use the social trading room. This will ensure good quality level stays at an all time high for the benefit of other traders and also yourself. Rest assured that United Trading Network doesn’t use fake widget! We tested the platform with random votes and it turns out United Trading Network software really does cross reference your votes. (Unfortunately our random votes landed into losing trades since we’re simple testing it, but its all good! We’ll just have to build up more winning votes knowing the app keeps track of it)

What Will You Find Inside United Trading Network?

You will immediately recognize that this trading platform is in a complete league of it’s own.

United Trading Network’s platform was designed by market professionals committed to revolutionizing the online trading experience, and developing a platform that reduces risk. By choosing the semi-automatic feature you will receive unique trading signals that will notify you of upcoming market trends, and give you low-risk trades with high probability maximum return. This is the perfect feature for anyone planning to have a hands-on experience, or for those looking to get more trading knowledge.

Conclusion – Our United Trading Network Review is Positive. Its not a Scam

So far, everything looks positive. This United Trading Network software is relatively new but very safe to trade with. We haven’t received any negative reports indicating that some users were displeased. Also, it’s important to take note the fact that United Trading app doesn’t promise riches overnight. It does not use the rag-to-riches approach of trading – which in all cases, will not yield results. In short, the scam free app is a powerful, innovative social trading platform that everyone can use to their benefit. Hope this in depth United Trading Network review was helpful.

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