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Video marketing is by far one of the fastest and easiest methods of promoting a product and service. However, whether you invest a Hollywood budget or convert a presentation into a cheap and cheerful video, they are both on a level playing field until they earn their keep. Sadly, unless they are very special or have some clever marketing embedded, they won’t earn their keep.

Fantastic videos with all the bells and whistles have dropped like a lead balloon, yet a low cost chalkboard graphic has maintained good rankings, but even if it stuck on number one in Google for eternity, it won’t put food on your table until it does more than just show a movie of sorts.

An interactive video is the solution, a video that allows the viewer to engage, this might be in the form of lead generation, perhaps a competition. Imagine the video being an offer to win a vacation or meal at a local restaurant and all they need to do to enter is add their email address on the video itself.

The next stage on the video would be to encourage the viewer to share – not sharing as we know it right now, old fashioned copy and pasting stuff into Facebook, but a very clever method of enabling the movie to lock at a predetermined point, display the social media icons and at the click of a pointer, the viewer can instantly share the video on their chosen pages such as Facebook.

There are hundreds of reasons that trigger the need for one person to want to share a video, it is an emotion, possibly humor, nostalgia, something cute and cuddly, anger or a very topical subject.

The easier you make it for people to engage and interact, the more people will participate.

With this in mind we need to discover the solution that will facilitate a way to force viewers to leave there email address on a video. Impossible?

Not only is it possible, I’ll even give you a link to obtain a low cost plugin called Video Profit Surge. As the name implies it is designed to convert videos into a flood of profits via link generation and audience participation.

Being a plugin, life is fairly easy and a task as simple as adding a video onto a web page is as easy as copying and pasting a shortcode.

The principal of VPS is simple but pure genius, it adds a transparent interactive layer on top of the video, so in the admin area you create the layer with a form on it, let’s say you are asking for a name and email address. It is then pasted over the video and uploaded.

You now have a video that at some given moment in time will display the form – immediately after a ‘call to action’ and you have a powerful lead generation system built into an incredible video marketing tool – if you think this is smart look out low cost it is … Click Here

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