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Searching for Honest ” WikiTrader Review “. Find out the real facts about the Wiki Trader Automated App. There’s plenty to like about WikiTrader Website. This is seriously good trading software that ensures that investors are always in control. Overall a highly recommended and legit product and not any scam. It’s always nice when quality binary trading software comes about, and in this case WikiTrader App is indeed the real deal. As ever it’s good to be cynical when first checking out this kind of investment. After all, the name alone makes it sound a little peculiar to say the least.

However – and much to our surprise – it turns out that the WikiTrader Review system is actually the real deal. This is legit, high quality and impressively performing software that also delivers consistently on both automatic and signals mode. Regular readers will know that products of this caliber are unfortunately few and far between, but always deserve thumbs up when they come about. Right now there’s not many other platforms more effective than WikiTrader robot, but as ever this review will allow folks to make up their own minds.

WikiTrader OverviewWikiTrader Review

Product Name: WikiTrader
Niche: Binary Options
website :
Creator: Kelly Wallace
Development Team: Tom Kingston, Quinn, Carly
Delivery amount : fast Delivery
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What Makes The Wiki Trader System So Different ? Features 

The Wiki Trader Signals are highly reliable. However, in our opinion, they should have changed their marketing pitch. It seems so much like other scam binary trading software. We almost deemed this program as a bogus when we saw the video. Especially when Wiki Trader CEOs Reed Wallace and Kelly Wallace appeared. The Wallaces are the geniuses who invented the Wiki Trader. At this point, we were alarmed because most of the fake trading software out there are supposed to be invented by so-called marketing geniuses.

However, there is something about the Wiki Trader Review software that caught our attention. The Wiki Trader uses a Fibonacci concept of making trade decisions. In the world of trade, getting a good win rate is truly a struggle. Even a $300 daily profit is a hard ordeal to achieve. But if you the Fibonacci pattern, then there is a good chance that you can make a binary software work. Specifically, the Fibonacci concept tells you that even the trading market is influenced by operating ratios. It can indicate the win or lose rate of a trade based on the recent trades that have been conducted. It does not guarantee a 100% winning rate. Instead, it can give you an 82% win rate. It is pretty decent as well.

Moreover, the return on investment (ROI) of Wiki Trader is not exaggerated. Once you start investing $250 with Wiki Trader Brokers, you can get a monthly return of $6,000. This is a convincing profit, compared to those scam sites which offers you $2,000 to $20,000 profit per day. That is plainly absurd and a total BS!

Wiki Trader How it Work Video

Provide Option for Automatic to Manual Switch !

We saw that this WikiTrader software had some advantages. The obvious one is that you can make money 24 hours a day without you seating in front of your PC or monitoring your trades at all time. This is good news for the lazy individuals out there.

Secondly, signing up (as long as you are among the 100 new beta testers) is free. You won’t pay broker fees or license fees to obtain this Wiki Trader Review App. The only cost involved here is your investment.

Thirdly, the cutting edge technology which is being used here cannot be matched by any other. In fact, when you use Wiki Trader website, you should be able to reap your first profits upon pushing the auto-trade button. Making money is quick and easy depending with the condition of the market at the time.

Finally, Wiki Trader App guarantees daily profit of at least $7,250. How do we know this? Well, its proven remarkable accuracy is evidence enough that you will make lots of money in the long run.

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Is Kelly Wallace TrustWorthy?

Kelly Wallace is one of the well-known names in this industry unlike the owners of other scam systems. She has helped many poor guys in reaching their financial goals. Her goal is to create an easy platform using which any trader can generate the good amount of profit. There are many articles about her in Wall Street Magazines. She has created this software on proven algorithm of the market sentiments. This type of algorithms is used in huge finance firms to generate winning signals.

User-Friendly Interface

Wiki Trader has a very user-friendly interface. It is a cloud-based software which will run on any device with a working internet connection. Anyone can use it’s auto trading feature especially as all you need to do is to enable it’s auto trading feature, and it will take care of all further trades. Moreover, there is no need to check about trades placed in broker’s account as you can get all of those updates in your Wiki Trader dashboard directly. It is very easy to use and anyone can use it without any problem.

Is WikiTrader A Scam?

There is no reason of WikiTrader software being a scam. It is a real money making opportunity and I can assure you about that. I have personally tried Wiki Trader for few weeks and I’ve made good profits with this auto trader. Every claim and promise made by Kelly Wallace reflect truth. She has not made any exaggerated claim like most of the scam auto traders claim. Moreover, Kelly Wallace is a well-known name in the binary options industry.

You might not able to make thousands of $s per day initially, but gradually when you will increase risk level and minimum trade amount, those figures are achievable too. After all, Wiki Trader is not a become millionaire overnight scheme.

Advantages of WikiTrader

Apart from having a unique and very efficient trading technology implemented in its creation, WikiTrader offers highly user-friendly trading environment, connects to reliable brokers and has a 24/7 customer support that you can reach via e-mail and live-chat. I am very impressed with the trading software. We have not seen such an innovative system being released recently, so I am very excited to monitor its performance.

Final Overview of WikiTrader

Even though it is a fairly new system, WikiTrader shows great steady performance. Its average success rate regularly goes above the average 83% of the industry, generating significant profits to its clients. I am very optimistic about this trading software and I recommend it as safe and profitable. WikiTrader is not a scam.

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